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Cheetah Conservation Fund Photographic Exhibition

(September 23, 2015)
If you love cheetahs and big cats, and you can get to London, you may want to get to the themed Patrick Mavros art gallery in Chelsea from 21 September to 7 October 2015.

The images have been specially piced by Sophie Stafford, a wildlife photography consultant.   They represent the work of many of the world’s finest big cat photographers, and they offer visitors an intimate insight into the life of the cheetah, from the tenderness of a mother with her cubs to the remarkable skill and speed of the hunt.

All of the images will be available to purchase, including signed prints by CCF patrons Jonathan and Angie Scott.

The funds raised will support the Cheetah Conservation Fund's work to protect the cheetah for future generations.

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The gallery is open Mon-Sat 10am-7pm & Sun 12-5pm.  Email  [email protected] if you have any questions.

You can also visit the Cheetah Conservation Fund to find out ways to help cheetahs.



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