Help people by being active with animals

Whatever age we are, be we elderly or young, animals can benefit our wellbeing.  They have much to contribute, as does nature;  the problem is that so many people have lost contact with the truly natural world that its benefits have been forgotten.  But animals can help us get more exercise, forget our problems, work towards recovery, feel better and give us companionship, love and laughter.  They have much to offer.   
Donkeys do a great deal of amazing things for people all over the world - and in the UK, there are very special groups of donkeys giving joy to the elderly. Find out more...
Please note that animals are unpredictableand personal hygiene is always important when handling animals, especially before you eat food i.e. wash your hands!!!  Never assume there will be soap & hand washing facilities at anywhere animal related you visit - ALWAYS take something to clean your hands with yourself, just in case, e,g, wet wipes.  Boots & Express Chemist both have a good selection.