Do something different on holiday - go on a volunteer holiday for wildlife and conservation


There are many ways to help wildlife conservation efforts and one of them is to have more of a hands-on approach and help practically.  A great way to do this is to have a volunteer holiday!   And you don't need a whole year of your life to make a difference - there are short volunteer holidays as well as long ones.

Volunteer holidays may mean doing one or more of several things such as:

  • helping to protect and conserve wildlife habitat such as woodland management, coastal conservation and so on.
  • helping to care for the animals by preparing food, cleaning out cages, doing enrichment tasks so that the animals have more to do (e.g. building something for their enclosure)
  • helping a research team with monitoring and surveying the wildlife they are looking to conserve
  • educating local people and children in particular about the animals and why conservation matters

Every volunteer holiday will be different - a lot will depend on how much you are prepared to put in;  as the old saying goes; but there is no doubt that volunteer holidays are a great way to re-charge those batteries, have a complete change of scene, spend time with people who also want to do something positive to help wildlife conservation or animals in general; and they will certainly give you memories to hold for a lifetime!

There are volunteer holidays around the world, caring for a wide variety of animals with everything from penguins to elephants, tigers to whales and dolphins.

Here are just a few ideas - you could head to Romania or Cambodia to help bears or go to South Africa to help primates, or what about a short voulnteer holiday in Europe or the UK?

Volunteer holidays in EuropeVolunteer holidays in Europe 
Here are some ideas 

 Volunteer holidays in the UK
Volunteer holidays in the UK 
Help with wildlife habitat &
to keep Britain beautiful

Help primates in South Africa
Help primates in South Africa
 Volunteer with bears
Volunteer with bears
in Romania or Cambodia
or elsewhere.