Track your cat with this Cat Tracker - find your cat with this cat tracker


Did you see the programme about cats and where they go when they disappear through the cat flap?

It was quite amazing. 

One tracked cat actually brought people together who discovered that the cat was with his rightful owners during the evening, and then popped off to visit an elderly person during the day when they went off to work.

So if you’ve ever wondered what your cat gets up to when you go out, or when he or she goes out for that matter, you may want to get your puss a Tabcat.

Find out more about Tabcat here
Find out more about Tabcat from their website

Tabcat is a cat tracker and it empowers you to find your cat in the hardest to find places.  And if you have more than one cat, that’s not a problem – you can track up to 4 cats.  So it can be easier to find a cat who got stuck in a shed or garage or up a tree, or who has been frightened in some way and got lost.

How Tabcat works....

Tabcat is attached to your cats collar and is very lightweight.   It guides you to your cat’s exact location. It’s range is 122 metres and you can get exceedingly close to them – so long as they let you!  

Tabcat works on a traffic light sort of system.  The handset picks up the signal from the cat tracking tag on your cat’s collar and then tells you where to walk.  One red light tells you you’re in range; as you get closer it goes amber; and then it goes green as you to right up to your cat.   (Of course at that point you’re praying said cat won’t race off, or up a tree.)

Train your cat to come back when you press the locate button!

About 70% of customers that Tabcat have spoken to say their cat came back when they just pressed the locate button – it activates a small beep on the tag.

Give them a treat when they do come back, and they’ll start to associate the beep and coming home with a treat. So you can train your cat to come home when called.  (You could start the training in the garden.)

Find out more about Tabcat here

Find out more about Tabcat here