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Yorkshire Wildlife Park  - wallaby encounter, experiences, lemur woods, African plains - and now a plan to rescue 14 lions from a Romanian zoo to save the animals being put to sleep.  Group visits, educational trips, a cafe & much more.  The zoo works with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to further the natural biodiversity on the site and help British wildlife too. 

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People react in different ways to zoos. Some are quite horrified by them and don't agree with the idea of wild animals being in captivity for viewing by the public. Many want them banned altogether. Others simply see them as a good day out. But wildlife zoos & aquariums can have an important role to play in educating the public, in working towards wildlife conservation & raising awareness among the public of the challenges wildlife face.
At the zoo, you can normally see a range of wildilfe, depending on the focus of the zoo and the collection of animals there. Most zoos have a zoo shop, parking, cafe or restaurant, and try to make the day out as enjoyable and educational as they can for the visitor. There may also be opportunities for you to take part in activities such as experience days - spending a day shadowing a zoo keeper, for instance, or adopting an animal or sponsoring an animal - that sort of thing. Your day out at the zoo will give you the opportunity to really learn something about animals, wild or captive; and to consider how you can do your bit to get active to help wildlife generally.
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London Zoo is set in the leafy Regent's Park right in the heart of the capital. There are over 650 animal species to discover, and a Children's Zoo, too. You'll certainly get active, walking around the 36 acre site! London Zoo has an exciting new exhibit, Rainforest Life. From feeding time to animal demonstrations, there's something for everyone. The money you spend at the zoo goes towards the care of the animals and the Zoological Society of London's various conservation projects around the world.
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Set in the beautiful county of Hampshire, Marwell Wildlife Park has over 250 species of animals all waiting to meet you! Zebra, waterbuck & ostrich all abound, and there's Penguin World & Tropical World. The price of your ticket includes a small donation to Marwell Wildlife Park, which is dedicated to conservation world wide.
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Birdworld, Surrey
Birdworld offers you the chance to 26 acres of averies and beautiful landscape gardens, to see penguins being fed by a keeper, watch alligators in Underwater World and go on a safari to see some of the bigger stars close up, including ostrich, cranes and vultures. Birdworld is situated in Surrey
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The Deep Aquarium, Yorkshire
The Deep is in Hull, and is home to 40 sharks, over 3,500 fish and many sea creatures. The Deep tells the story of the world's oceans from the beginning of time through to the present day, and there are lots of interactive hands-on audio-visual presentations. This is a great day out for children - the school holidays tend to be particularly busy, so it's worth arriving early to beat the queues!