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Slimbridge Wetland Centre
Head to Gloucestershire where you'll see something different throughout the year.  Summer, it's willow warablers & baby kingfishers, grass snakes & dragonflies & hares.  Autumn, migratory birds & fungi and stunning sunsets.  Opening in Summer 2009, there's a Back from the Brink section with otters, beavers & water voles. Meet toads, frogs & newts at a daily demo.  Check out their events.


 Get over your fear of spiders
Bristol Zoo Gardens are running a Spiderphobia Course to help folk overcome their fear of spiders.  The course is lead by counsellor and hypotherapist Mary Ison.

Forest of Dean Family holiday
Bring your horses & dogs with you, and take in the stunning scenery. There are stables for the horses & dogs, and lots of cycling & walking to do. Secluded, peaceful - go for a weekend break or longer.  It looks absolutely wonderfu!  Bed & breakfast.  


The Donkey Sanctuary, Devon
It's a must, just outside Sidmouth.  A stunning location, a great way to meet the donkeys and learn more about them and the work the Donkey Sanctuary does.  Enjoy their cafe while you're there. Entry is free, 365 days of the year.

International Donkey Week takes place at the Donkey Sanctuary every May May.  Spend a week cuddling, grooming, just sitting and watching the donkeys - whatever you like.  A really therapeutic way to spend a week off in stunning scenery.  The donkeys are waiting for you! 


Glenda Spooner Farm, Somerset
Glenda Spooner Farm one of 4 rehabilitation centres of World Horse Welfare. Please check the web site for visiting hours and days

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