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WWT Washington Wetland Centre
Enjoy one of the biggest conservation successes in the north east of England.  In the spring, enjoy bluebells Spring Gill Wood,  and watch grey herons in Wader Lake. Ponds hum with insect life, butterflies in the wildlflower meadows, fluffly ducklings, get nose to beak with endangered waterbirds at Close Encounters, bullfinch, woodpeckers at the feeding stations, avocets, curlew, flamingos, craes, barnacle geese and more.

RSPB BRAND NEW Wildlife Reserve and Discovery Park.  There's lots to do here, including enjoying the Star Species (who include the Lapwings - you may have seen these on BBC2's Springwatch), Events (including a Shetland Sheep spectacular on 13 June), and Seasonal Highlights. Already 30,000 people have enjoyed the Reserve since it opened in January 2009.  The Reserve has been developed by the RSPB and the Teeside Environmental Trust.  You'll see brightly coloured butterflies, common terns, swans and more. 

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