Things to do at home during lockdown

A great many places have really produced some amazing videos since the coronavirus/COPID-19 produced lockdown.   This means that if you can’t get to places, places can come to you, right into the comfort of your own home. 

Here are a few you can take a look at:

  1. Kew Gardens/Wakehurst Place – stunning gardens to enjoy plus lots of tips on gardening as well, so if you want to be inspired, take a look. How can you cut back on buying herbs? Take a look at Kew Garden’s tips on growing stuff on your windowsill     

  2. ZSL London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo – take a look at the animals from the comfort of your own home.  Now, the 22,000 animals living there still need feeding and care so if you are able to make a small donation after immersing yourself in their videos, please do – that’s my appeal.  Find out why penguins waddle, see the meerkats and their Eggciting Easter greats, discover more about the Opaki, and lots more besides! Here's their You Tube page

  3. How can nature protect our homes from flooding?   Take a look at the RSPB’s website and find out!  They’ve also got a number of podcasts on all matters natural.   Here's their You Tube page

  4. Watch the ospreys at Loch Arkraig Pine Forest with the Woodland Trust and boost your knowledge of British trees!   What is ancient woodland and why is it so important, anyway?   Watch a year in the life of a tree!  

  5. Become a nature doctor and help Butterfly Conservation and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust end the insect crisis – join Dr Amir Khan’s mission to create an insect A & E in your garden.   Find out how to plant a pot for pollinators.  

  6. Go to the World Land Trust and bring other parts of the world right into your home with their news and blog – you’ll see some amazing animals, hear incredible conservation successes and discover how you can play a part!  What is a Jabiru?   What can you do about rainforest fires?  

  7. Watch the webcams from the Wildlife Trusts – ospreys, kittiwakes, puffins, peregrine falcons, badgers, bats, barn owls and more!  They’ve got a You Tube channel, too.

  8. Trot off to Chester Zoo and find out how an order of nuns are working with them to help save the Salamanda

  9. Watch the bears enjoying freedom, thanks to Animals Asia and their supporters :-)

  10. Do you know what a manatee is?   Find out with Save the Manatee Club because it’s looking to save manatees and protect their aquatic environment in the future.

  11. Why do flamingos feed upside down?  WWT has the answer and you can also enjoy the beauty of a kingfisher at WWT Welney or enjoy a mallard and her 17 ducklings at WWT London.  You can also find out how to create a small bog in your garden (for wildlife)

  12. Find out how to help hedgehogs in your garden and enjoy lots of hedgehogs at Hedgehog Close.

  13. Nature activities for the kids to do from the Woodland Trust including make a blossom card, write a poem about spring, paint a picture for your neighbours & pretend to be nature pirates!

  14. Create a personal plan for how you can give a home in your garden, if you have one.  (The link flies off to the RSPB.)

  15. This video is from Gravitas and their You Tube channel and it certainly is Food for Thought - please watch it, it will only take 3 and a half minutes.


Keep safe, everyone. xx