Meet the Animals Experience


Do you love animals?  

Would you like to get close up to animals you don't normally get to get close to?

Well, experience company Buy a Gift have a voucher which gives you the chance to do just that!  It's called Meet the Animals.   And there are a range of animals and locations to choose from!    All for £79.00, saving you 11% as it is normally £89!

Take a Hawk Walk with Afternoon Tea

There are 42 locations to choose from, and the animals include horses, bees, meerkats, reptiles and bugs, dolphins, birds of prey, red pandas, penguins, corikeets, capybaras, lemurs, penguins....  check them out for yourself!

Just to let you know....

The list of venues taking part in the Meet the Animals experience is subject to change, and all dates are subject to availability...  And you can select your experience after purchase.  Vouchers are for between 1 and 4 people, depending on the experience you choose...they are valid for 10 months, so book early! 

But what a chance to get close up to these animals! 

Buy your Meet the Animals Voucher here from Buy a Gift

Meet the Capybaras