Download the RSPB's song, Let Nature Sing



Charities look for all sorts of ways to draw attention to their causes and problems they are trying to tackle. The RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) is no exception.

It says that Britain has lost 40 million birds in the last 50 years and 56% of wildlife species in the UK are in decline.

Only 15% of people in the UK thought nature was in crisis

A recent survey YouGov undertook for the RSPB suggested that:

  • Only 15% of people in the UK thought nature was in crisis. 
  • Over 25% thought nature was doing well.
  • Eight in 10 of the 2,083 British adults surveyed thought the government should be doing more to save nature.

Young people were also unaware of the crisis facing Britain’s birds. 

One in three 13 to 17-year-olds didn’t know that the UK had lost so many birds over the past 50 years. 

But over a third of the 505 teenagers surveyed said they wanted to do something to save nature, when they heard what had happened.

So the RSPB has released "Let Nature Sing"

So to raise awareness of Britain’s declining bird numbers, the RSPB has released a song called “Let Nature Sing” with 25 different threatened and endangered UK birds.  

The track has birds found across all four countries and a range of habitats – the blackbird, and robin, the great spotted woodpecker and grasshopper warbler, the crane, the great tit, the sedge warbler and the bittern, to name a few.

There are 67 species on the charity’s “red list” of globally threatened species in severe decline.   Corncrakes, turtle doves, cuckoos, skylarks and nightingales are amongst those most at risk. 

International Dawn Chorus Day is on 5 May and the RSPB hopes the song will enter the charts in time for that day.

If it’s successful, Let Nature Sing will be the first track with just birdsong to make the charts.

Let’s give this track a boost and see if we can’t see it FLY up the charts!

Let’s show the powers that be that we’re all passionate about nature and want to help it recover.

Find out about downloading Let Nature Sing here