Keeping chickens

Keeping chickens is a really rewarding thing to do.  It means you can enjoy your own eggs for breakfast, omelettes too - and if you grow herbs and salads too, you can flavour your dish & colour your plate  with greenery. 
Benefit from your own eggs for breakfast, omelettes and if you in the garden, you can flavour your meals with those.


For more information about keeping hens, visit the British Hen Welfare Trust.  They have all the information you need to find out all you need to know about keeping hens - and how you can help, too!

The British Hen Welfare Trust has a shop where you can buy everything you need for chickens.  This is a great way to support it - so far the Trust has rehomed over 770,000 hens! 
They have lots of information if you're just starting out, too - from choosing a chicken coop to cleaning it out, feeding hens, caring for them etc.
Adopt a Hen!
If you can't have chickens of your own, why not adopt Adopt a Hen from the British Hen Welfare Trust?  The Battery Hen Welfare Trust has a list of hen-friendly places to eat at; they receive an Eggsellence Award.  To find one in you area, click here
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