Jousting Experience - a great gift experience for anyone who loves both horses and history!

If you're looking for someone who loves horses and who is interested in history, how about giving them a Jousting Experience or a gift experience which takes them back in time, in the oudoors, and which is something very different?   Here are some Jousting experiences - or similar - to consider.    
 Jousting Experience

Jousting Experience
Go back to the 'days of old' when knights were bold and submerge yourself into a Medieval environment. You will be dressed in medieval armour and costume learning the tricks and skills of how the knights competed in the tournament field. You'll learn on horseback how to use lance, flag and shield and master the skills of a medieval broadsword before taking on the Black Knight in a Medieval Tournament culminating in a mini-Joust to win the honour of your favourite Lady in waiting or Knight in shining armour!

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Mounted Archery on Horseback

Mounted Archery on Horseback
From £95 for half a day
Hemel Hempsted, Hertfordshire
Try something really unusual with our Horseback Archery experience! In the medieval times the bow was the most deadly weapon in an army’s arsenal and when combined with a steed galloping full pelt at the target, mounted archery was the most useful skill you could have. Your morning, at our fantastic centre in Hertfordshire, is hosted by coaches Zana and Karl, both experts on horseback and archery. They will take you through all the stages, from learning how to draw the bow, through to slinging the arrow at a target whilst riding your trusty stead.

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