Join the #BigForestFind and help wildlife and forests

Help forest wildlife by participating in the #BigForestFind

Back in September 1919, the Forestry Commission was founded to restore the nation’s woods and forests after World War 1, and the passing of the Forestry Act.

Today, it is England’s largest landowner, caring for 1,500 forests. It also helps other landowners make their woodlands more productive, better for wildlife and prepared for the challenges our changing climate is bringing.

Info about the #BigForestFind

The Forestry Commission is running England's largest survey of forest wildlife, the Big Forest Find.  And it needs the  help of as many people as possible - that's you & me!

What we all need to do is to record the plant and animal life in England’s woods and forests to help Forestry England protect and provide homes for wildlife, both now and in the future.  

So how do you take part in the Big Forest Find?

  • Download the iNaturalist app before you visit your local forest.   The app helps you identify the plants and animals around you – and you can connect with a community of over 400,000 scientists and naturalists to discover more about nature!
  • Join the Big Forest Find project in the app
  • Use the app to take and upload photos of the animal and plant life you find
  • Get species suggestions from naturalists in the app
  • Keep recording on every forest adventure until the end of October!

    Top tips for a successful Forest Find

    There’s a very helpful guide with more information 

So lots to do over the late spring and summer, then, and a great way to connect with nature and appreciate everything that calls our forests home.

Join the Big Forest Find today