Need to lose weight?

Key elements to losing weight...
  • Understanding why it matters to you and what your motivation is - for instance, if you want to have more confidence because you know you'll look good, that's a good start - but what will that confidence give you?  What will it bring you that you want?  Herein lies the real motivation to your wanting to lose weight
  • Looking closely at what you eat and drink, when and why so that you can find ways to tackle bad habits which are making you put on weight.  Food logs are all very well, but you need to understand what is causing you to eat when you do and what's behind your motivation for choosing the food you do e.g. what is causing you to eat a take-away every night with two helpings of chips?  What are you hoping those servings of food will give you?  What do they give you?  How else could you get it?
  • Drinking more water to help you feel full and flush out the toxins
  • Being more active - incorporating more exercise in your life - animals are great at helping you get more exercise.  Start exercising gently at first!  & check out 6 Ways in which animals can help with weight loss
  • Persistence - keep at it!   This means not assuming the world will come to an end and that you're a failure just because you slipped up and had huge slice of cake with a cup of tea.  These things happen. 
  • Learn from other things you've succeeded at in your life.  What factors have contributed to your success?  How can you use those factors or strategies to help you succeed in losing the weight you want? 
  • Always check with your GP before starting any new exercise programme.
  • A willingness to change your current bad habits & replace them with positive healthy habits long term - or the weight will just come back on. 
If you make lifestyle changes now - such as doing some of the above - that you won't be able to keep up, the weight will more than likely come straight back on.
Change your current strategy if it isn't working

The polar bear gives an excellent example of someone who has changed his lifestyle habits to get the result he or she wants

Get active to help polar bears
Click on the polar bear to find out
how you can get active to help polar bears
Scientists estimate that polar bears have lost weight and that they are having to swim and walk further to find food.  Others are heading into town to see what they can get there (and they're being airlifted by helicopter back home).
In the case of the polar bear, he or she has had no choice in most areas where polar bears live but to change lifestyle and work harder to get food.
One polar bear recently had to swim for 9 days before reaching land in an attempt to find food
This is just an example of an animal who has had to change strategies to get the desired result - in this case, food.