Help the trapped animals in Taiz Zoo



In any war, there are always forgotten victims.  And the war in Yemen is no exception.  

There are over 270 animals in Taiz Zoo in Yemen.  These innocent animals are locked away in this concrete zoo.  They are utterly reliant on people to help them day to day for water, food, and veterinary care.  An amazing group of people go in to help the animals, feeding them, cleaning their surroundings, giving them fresh water, and looking after their veterinary needs. 

An e-support group of volunteers - SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue - began fundraising.  It managed to feed and water the animals in the zoo from February 2016, and to provide medications and veterinary care.   In June, a registered nonprofit organisation, A Lion's Heart joined them to help with the increasing cost incurred from taking care of these animals in this war zone.  

Since the end of 2016, the effort of raising money for these animals is solely with A Lion's Heart (EIN # 81-2774850).  It is based in the USA, and its mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned, abused, starving and even war torn zoo animals throughout the world.  And it needs all our help to continue to care and provide for the animals in Taiz Zoo.   

Visit A Lions Heart's Facebook page for updates
Visit A Lion's Heart Facebook Page for updates on the animals and efforts to secure their release. 

Visit A Lions Heart's website for more info 

The zoo has what is believed to be a third or more of the Arabian leopards on earth, and many other endangered species.   The animals need to be moved.  Unfortunately, those with the power to grant the export permit for these animals to leave this war zone and get to safety are refusing to grant it.  At the moment, the animals have to stay put while work continues to try to get the export permits so that the animals can be moved to safety..

Hopefully a solution will be found very soon to get these trapped animals out.  Meantime, A Lion's Heart have a number of ways you can help them such as adopting an animaldonating and spreading the word.  A Lion's Heart needs donations to continue to provide daily care for the animals whilst efforts are made to secure export permits to get them to sanctuaries. 

Our sister website, Animals Charities, has more information and ways to help