Cat Care in the Snow

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With lots of snow forecast in the UK, national cat charity Cats Protection have advice to keep your puss warm & safe. 
Cats get into the most perculiar places
to keep warm or just get away from it all!
  • Keep the doors of sheds & outbuildings shut or wedged open, so that cats don't get locked inside.  (And if you have a garage, it's worth checking that regularly, to make sure no puss has got locked in by mistake.)
  • Check under the bonnet of your car's engine before starting it, in case a cat has crept in their for warmth. 
  • Provide shelter for cats that can go outside such as a box to give them some protection
  • If your cat has water to drink outside, you need to make sure it doesn't freeze over.  Cats need a ready source of fresh clean drinking water all day & night.
  • Consider taking out pet insurance if you haven't already done so - then you're ready for any accidents or injuries puss may sustain as a result of the bad weather.
  • If your cat is going out into snow for the first time, try to go with puss in an enclosed area such as your garden or patio.
  • When puss comes in from the snow, look at wiping his paws to get rid of any grit or dirt.
  • Keep your cat in when it gets dark.  This is the time when cats are most likely to injury from traffic accidents & attacks.  The PetPorte microchip cat flap (one of 3 recommended by Cats Protection in the spring of 2008) helps you decide when puss can go in and out - and stops other moggies from coming in
  • Let cats out when traffic is at its lowest levels  
  • Check your cat flap regularly to make sure it doesn't get frozen shut by the snow. 
  • The cold can severely affect inflamed joints, so make sure you take special care of cats with arthritis.  They need additional warm and comfortable places for your cat to rest or sleep.  If your cat is finding it hard to reach his favourite resting places then look at ways of making it easier for him to reach his preferred places.  Also ensure he can easily access his chosen toileting site. 

Some more thoughts from us
Make sure you have plenty of supplies in for your cat - cat litter, cat food and any medication.  Then if you do get cut off and can't get out, or supplies can't get into your local area, your puss is well catered for.  There are plenty of online pet stores - Pet Supermarket, Pets at Home, for instance - who will deliver to your home, or to their local outlets for you to pick up.  Plan ahead.
If you have elderly neighbours who have pets, please ask them to see if you can help with their shopping & get some pet food in for them, while you're shopping for yours.  Elderly people have a very unique & special bond with their pets & they will find carrying extra tins or pouches of cat food around difficult, impossible or very exhausting.  Helping them out with a bit of pet care when the weather is bad could be one of the most important things  you can do to help animals & people alike this winter!
If going into work isn't a wise move, stay at home & enjoy some quality time with your cat.  Snuggle up together, give him a groom, play cat games - you could even try training your cat to sit
If you haven't got a cat at the moment, please consider getting one from a cat charity or even offering to foster.  Many cat charities are being inundated with cats for re-homing - and it's better for most cats to be in foster home than catteries, so please, if you can, offer your services!
For further advice on keeping cats safe, please call Cat Protection's national Helpline on 03000 12 12 12 or visit their web site And there are plenty of opportunities to get active & volunteer to help cats all around the UK, as you'll see from their site, so please see whether you can help out.  Cats need you!