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Horse calendars and diaries at the

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Horses are just amazing!   They are so beautiful, and it always lifts my spirits to see a gorgeous, healthy, happy horse, ears pricked looking around with interest at what's going on. 

The have some wonderful calendars and diaries for horse lovers.  Some are breed specific e.g. a Clydesdale Calendar, whilst others are themed - do you remember the Thelwell books?  They were hilarious - extremely funny, and if you loved those you may want to take a peep at at the Thelwell Calendar.

The Thelwell 2020 Calendar
he Thelwell 2020 Calendar is £7.99

This is the 2020 Horse Lovers Calendar
This is the 2020 Horse Lovers Calendar for £9.99

The 2020 Horse Lovers Calendar pictured right above has a 4-month overview at the beginning, running from September 2019 through to December 2019.  And each stunning monthly photo in 2020 has a multilingual grid with moon phases as well as international holidays.  Never mind about those though - the horses are just beautiful!  
The Wacky World of Horses
The Wacky World of Horses A4 Calendar 2020
for £6.99

I think this is a very funny calendar, and it would make a great gift for horse lovers.  I particularly liked the one about the standard of dressage getting higher every year.  You can see all the pictures here.

The has lots of calendars, diaries and planners, many with a horse or donkey theme and they make great gifts, and can add lots of cheer to a room.

Canter off here to the CalendarClub to see for yourself :-) 


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