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Animal Programmes on TV this week, Sunday 2 June 2019

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There are lots of programmes on the TV to watch this week (from Sunday 2 June 2019), so here’s a few ideas of things you can see (and I hope I've got all of them right on the right channel & time etc...)

Sunday 2 June

5:00 BBC2 Natural World:  My Congo.  Wildlife cameraman Vianet Djenguet goes back to his Congo to explore the wildlife.  From coasts to rainforests, he meets baby chimpanzees, forest elephants and lowland gorillas.

6.00  BBC2  Big Animal Surgery. At a sanctuary in Sierra Leone, a tumour is removed from a chimpanzee – who nearly wakes up whilst in surgery. (This was shown on the previous Thursday and so it’s a repeat.)  Liz Bonnin is the presenter.

8:00 BBC2 Equator from the Air.  Gordon Buchanan is looking at the fight to preserve the Amazon Rainforest.  He joins an aerial police patrol hunting for illegal loggers and sees a tribe mapping their territory.  He says years ago, when he was first in South America, you could lose yourself in the wilderness for weeks.  Not so now.  This programme should be on BBC1, where it will get more attention, I suspect.

Monday 3 June

8:00 BBC2 Springwatch is back for another week.  Gillian Burke reports on the health of the UK’s urban wildlife and there’s a catch up on the latest news from the nest cameras.

Tuesday 4 June

7:00 Channel 5:  The Dog Rescuers – this one looks at the rewards of owning dogs as they get older, including a 15 year old Shar pei.  It’s good to see some attention for the older dogs; they have so much to give.

8:00  BBC2 Springwatch from the beautiful Cairngorms National Park.

8:30 ITV  Her Majesty’s Cavalry.  This series goes behind the scenes at the Household Cavalry’s Knightsbridge barracks to the stables of the horses.

Wednesday 5 June

7:00 Channel 5:  The Dog Rescuers – Best in Show.   This time an inspector responds to a house full of fighting dogs.

8:00 BBC2 Springwatch.  There’s news about conservation success stories in Birmingham city centre. 


Thursday 6 June

8:00 BBC2 Springwatch.   Back to Birmingham again where Gillian Burke meets a paddle boarder hoping to encourage people to understand more about the challenges British wildlife face.

9:00 BBC2 Big Animal Surgery.  This time, Liz Bonnin watches as an infected tusk is removed from an Asian elephant.  The infection is threatening the elephant’s life.  Conditions at the zoo in Georgia are “problematic”.

9:00 Channel 4 – My Gay Dog and Other Animals.  This programme looks at same-sex behavior in animals – it’s been reported in 1,500 animal species.

Friday 7 June

8:00 Channel 4 – Puppy School – based at Chatsworth in Derbyshire.  The programme has lots of good tips on training your puppy from experts.


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