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Koala Creek is coming to Longleat in the Spring 2019

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There’s great excitement at Longleat Safari Park in the UK, as the koalas from Australia have arrived safely in the UK and they are settling in.

Longleat teamed up with the Southern Australian Government Cleland Wildlife Park to launch and international breeding and awareness programme for koalas. 

As part of this programme, 5 Southern Koalas made the journey from Adelaide to Longleat.

Longleat is acting as a European hub for the newly created International Koala Centre of Excellence (IKCE for short).

IKCE aims to enhance the management and conservation of koalas to ensure their long term future in the wild, so this is a very important development. 

The purpose built facility for the Koalas will open in the spring of 2019 - so you can't see them yet!

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