Get Active: volunteer, experience, connect with the natural world


Get Active: volunteer, experience, connect with the natural world and put animal magic into your life! 

15% off many gift experiences at Into the Blue!

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Enjoy 15% off many experiences between £20 and £250 at Into the Blue.   

So they have a range of animal experiences, from Husky Rides and Horse Drawn Carriage rides in Sussex, to a Border Collie Experience (Leicestershire) and a Sheepdog Training Day (West Yorkshire).  There's also a Shire Horse Experience Day in Shropshire.

Use the code ITBSEPT15 

Husky Rides in Sussex
A Shire Horse Experience Day in Shropshire

You can go Alpaca Trekking, try your hand at Big Cat Photography, meet meerkats, find out more about bee-keeping, and even have a crocodile experience.

A Border Collie Experience in Leicestershire Discover the art of bee-keeping

There are also a wide range of Falconry experiences all around the country, too.  These are a great chance to get outdoors and try something new.  Often falconry was referred to as the Sport of Kings, and many say it is the oldest field sport in the world.  Today, it’s all about watching these amazing birds for the joy of it, and it’s a great chance to find out more about them and watch their incredible wingspans. 

Falconry in Dorset Falconry in Lanarkshire

Use the code ITBSEPT15   

It is valid until midnight on Sunday 16th September 2018.

Some experiences are excluded from this offer

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