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Save 20% on suet bumper boxes for your garden birds

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One action we can all take every day is to feed our garden birds and look after ourw ildlife as best we can. 

I’ve just put out more water for our ground wildlife – we’ve had a couple of hedgehogs this summer – and the birds love taking a dip in the bird bath and having a sip at its edge.

And as autumn starts to close in, I’m thinking about making sure pets and wildlife are well fed and watered and sheltered over the winter.  At the first forecast of snow, I’m – yes, panic buying – but not so much for me, for the animals in my care.

The RSPB Online Shop is giving 20% suet bumper boxes to help you get ready for winter and feed your garden birds. 

High energy sprinkles Buggy nibbles Mealworm super suet balls

There are some great prices on...

  • Buggy Nibbles, 12.75kg - £39.99 NOW £31.99
  • High energy sprinkles, 12.75 kg - £ 39.99 NOW £31.99
  • Super suet balls x 150 - £ 34.00 NOW £27.20
  • Sunflower hearts super suet balls x 150
  • Mealworm super suet balls x 150 - £ 36.00 NOW £28.80

Mealworm super suet cakes x 40 - £ 44.99 NOW £35.99

Fly away to the RSPB Online Shop here

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