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Big Zoo of the Week comes to Channel 5

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This week sees the start of a series on Channel 5 – Big Week at the Zoo

Presented by Helen Skelton and Nick Baker, the series celebrates the conservation work of British zoos.

It’s based at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and will run at 8pm each night for five nights.

Monday kicks off with finding out how the animals coped at Chessington Zoo during the recent heatwave.

And also we’ll find out how the Sumatran orangutans coped in Jersey.

Tuesday sees a visit to the pandas in Edinburgh, plus Yorkshire Vet star Peter Wright does the rounds with Jersey vet Andrew Routh and helps the world’s most endangered tortoise.

On Wednesday, it’s off to Flamingo Land to follow vet Gemma as she does her rounds.  Steve Leonard visits the 140+ species there.

On Thursday, we’re at Colchester Zoo, where two female rhinos are waiting for the return of prospective pramour Otto, and the zebras have a pedicure in Yorkshire.

Miranda Krestovniko visits the Deep Aquarium in Hull on Friday.  There she helps massage a turtle who was injured by a propeller.


Yorkshire Wildlife Park, by the way, have just taken in 4 bears from the Japan where they were housed in out-dated conditions.  No Japanese zoo was able to help, so the Park in Yorkshire stepped in to lend a paw.

There’s more exciting news for wildlife, as next Spring 2019, Koalas will be arriving in Longleat….

(Wednesday’s programme coincides with the second of three programmes called Orangutan Jungle School on Channel 4.


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