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30% off Longleat tickets!

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Longleat has been in the news recently as in the spring of 2019, they are to have a number of koalas join them. 

And there's more news for you if you're thinking about visiting Longleat before then - those fabulous people at Picniq have got an exclusive offer, with 30% off all tickets!   The offer is valid until the Longleat season closes on 4th November 2018.

Longleat Safari Park is based outside of Warminster in Wiltshire.  There is an amazing amount to see:   Jungle Kingdom, Safari Drive Adventure, Penguin Bay, Adventure Park, Longleat House and much, much more!  Longleat House has the jaw-dropping Great Hall with its 30 high ceilings, whilst the library has over 40,000 books... 

Grab the 30% off tickets at Longleat now - go to Picniq

The discount gives great savings - a family of 4 can save £18.32 over the best discount available on the Longleat website and it saves £36.68 over the gate price!!!!

Buy your tickets now

There's also a couple of voucher offers when you buy these tickets - a £10 ASK Italian voucher if you spend over £30 + a £5 discount off your next Picniq order

Visit Picniq here

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