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Get Active: volunteer, experience, connect with the natural world and put animal magic into your life! 

Get walking with the Great Dog Walk Together

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There’s a new UK wide health and wellbeing initiative about.  It’s aim is to encourage more outdoor exercise and social interaction through community dog walks.

The first ever Great Dog Walk Get Together took place in June in Bristol and there’s a website where you can find out which dog walks are on in your area.

The Great Dog Get Together was created by the founder of In Your Dog House Gifts and it is being supported by Devonian dog lovers Forthglade.

You can sign up for information on dog walks, how to organise a dog walk and supporting material to help you with your own dog walk.

Going on the dog walks is free – the whole idea is to get people (and their woofs) together!

This idea supports the Great Get Together initiative.  This was set up by the Jo Cox Foundation - you may remember the late MP Jo Cox - with a view to encouraging people in communities to get together and celebrate what they have in common.  

The first walk was on 23 June but there are dog walks taking place later in the year too.  There's a Facebook page you can join as well. 

Click here to go walkies 



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