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It's World Tapir Day on 27 April 2018

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The 27th April is World Tapir Day each year. 

Not much is known about the tapir, so here's a short video showing one:

And here are 10 facts about tapirs for you...

  1. There are 4 recognised species of extant tapir – 3 of these are in Central and South America, and one in Southeast Asia.
  2. Tapirs have been around far longer than we have.   Their ancestors have been around for 35 million years!  So tapirs are often called “living fossils”!
  3. The tapir is known as the gardener of the forest because they are so good at dispersing seeds from the fruit they eat.
  4. Tapirs live in jungles, grasslands, swamps and cloud forests.
  5. You can meet tapirs at a number of wildlife parks in the UK with a tapir experience
  6. The tapir’s nose is flexible, which is good for snuffling around on the ground for food
  7. Tapirs are pregnant for over a year and produce one offspring at a time
  8. Tapirs are most closely related to horses and rhinos – in Indonesia, the animal is called badak, which is the same word as rhino
  9. They can dive to the bottom of watering holes to eat the vegetation there
  10. World Tapir Day looks to raise awareness of tapir conservation and also to raise funds to protect or buy habitat for the tapirs.

Visit World Tapir Day's website here


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