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20% off tickets for Longleat from Picniq.co.uk

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Would you like to head to Longleat and take in the safari park there?  Well, if you fancy a trip, hold your horses - Picniq.co.uk have a special offer, with a 20% off exclusive!

Head to Longleat for a great day out  

Longleat Safari & Adventure Park is just off the A36 between Bath and Salisbury.

Once you get there, Jungle Kingdom will bring you up close to the cheeky lemurs, beautiful butterflies, aardvarks, parakeets, creepy crawlies and more!  The drive-through safari gives you the chance to see the fabulous lions, mischievous monkeys, roaming rhino and chasing cheetahs! 

In Longleat House you can see the impressive Great Hall with 30ft high ceilings, the well stocked library with over 40,000 books, and other public rooms where beautiful tapestries and artworks are displayed.

Longleat All In One Day Ticket

There's a two day ticket as well if you want to stay for longer

Come and see me and my friends at Longleat!


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