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Big expansion plans approved at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

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A £50 million expansion of Yorkshire Wildlife Park has been approved.   150 acres of new land will transform the park.

Doncaster Council approved the plan which includes new animal reserves, lakes, landscaping and a visitor support hub, restaurants and a destination hotel.  

The park was founded in 2010 and it has grown hugely since then.  Last year, 761,000 people visited the park so it's a very popular one in the UK.

The expansion should mean about 300 jobs and the park is talking to local colleges and schools aobut job, apprentice and work experience opportunities.   It has already delivered education sessions to 33,000 school children and its education department will increase its work.  Additionally, the expansion should enable the park to do more conservation work and protection of endangered species. 

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is home to a charity, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation.  The charity was created in 2013 "to be a dynamic catalyst for inspiring people to support conservation and welfare".  It seeks to promote and advance the conservation and welfare of endangered wildlife in their natural habitat and in captivity and to inspire the public.   Find out more about the work it is doing here. 

The wildlife park itself has 400 animals and 70 species;  and it works closely with charities to help endangered and threatened species.  The expansion should introduce over 400 new animals from 80 species. 

Visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park's website here.


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