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Watch out for the Big Cats Programme on BBC 1

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Calling all Big Cat Lovers!

There's a three part series starting on BBC1 on Thursday 11 January 2018 at 8pm. 

The series undercovers the secret lives of big cats, using the latest technology and scientific research.   There's lots of feline beauty, with amazing insights into snow leopards and their long-distance courtship techniques, plus an introduction to the rusty spotted cat. 

Cheetahs, lions, leopards, rusty spotted cats, snow-leopards, puma, Canada lynx, the Margay, the fishing cat, the clouded leopard, caracal, jaguar, bobcat, tiger, ocelot, African wild cat, sand cat, black footed cat, Pallas's cat, the serval and Iberian lynx all feature in the series. 

Click here to go to the Big Cats Programme website


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