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Rescuing cats stuck in trees

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Today, I was cantering around the BBC's website, and a story caught my eye about two amazing guys who rescue cats stuck up trees on the west coast of America in the state of Washington.

They have some pretty high trees there, and of course a number of cats start climbing - and climbing - and then don't come down.  Or can't come down...

So Shaun and Tom go up the trees and rescue the cats.  They are professional tree climbers who love to help rescue cats from trees.  Not only is the safety of the cat their top priority but they are also careful not to damage the tree as they climb and descend. They say the difficult bit isn't going up the tree, but making friends with the cat so that he or she will have enough confidence to let the rescue do some rescuing.

There are some incredible videos on You Tube from Canopy Cats Rescue showing the cats being rescued.... here's one, and thanks to Tom and Shaun who are doing such amazing work helping these stuck cats!  Cuddles to Lily!  

Please note that Tom and Shaun know what they are doing when it comes to climbing trees - they are professional tree climbers, so please don't try this at home yourself.  Or anywhere else, for that matter.

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