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Activities for children this summer - over 160 from the Woodland Trust

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There's no excuse for the kids to be bored this summer, whatever the weather.

The Woodland Trust have over 160 activities for your little one to get their hands stuck into, and they've even been kind enough to provide a search facility so that you can choose by a couple of age groups, the type of activity you're looking for, and the topic.   On the last subject, topics include literacy and numeracy, and the weather, so this is a good chance for them to keep their brains going during the summer holidays.

Examples of activities include making a Butterfly Feeder, Hedgehog Cake, Make Believe, plenty of colouring in pages (handy for those rainy days), making a tea, blackberry lollies, and even a Poo ID, so they can identify whose poo comes from which animal when they're out.  

This is a great chance to get the kids involved in some fun activities which connect them to nature.  

Click here to go to the Woodland Trust's website 

Make a twig raft 



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