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Discover all about the Nuthatch....

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Online retailer Garden Bird have a great way for you to discover more about our feathered friends.

They produce regular profiles about different species.  This week, it's the turn of the Nuthatch, and straight into my inbox, I've got a link to an article all about them - their appearance, habitat and behaviour, taxonomy, and what they like to eat.

I like to see the comments on the bottom of the articles from website visitors.  Many refer to sightings website visitors have seen in their gardens or nearby locations.  They give you an idea of what is going on elsewhere.  Even if the birds aren't in your area, it's lovely to see where they are elsewhere. 

There are lots of tips and hints, too, about encouraging wildlife into your garden - fly away here to find out more.

Read all about the Nuthatch 
Visit Garden Bird's blog

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