Give our feathered friends and wildlife a winter boost


We all feel we need a boost at this time of the year, and British wildlife need one as well!

Birds & Bees's philosophy is to make life better for British wildlife.  Today they sent out their e-newsletter today asking us to spare a thought for the birds and wildlife in our gardens as we snuggle up inside with hot drinks and heating. 

Many garden birds are often claimed by the cold weather, especially the smaller variety.  When you combine sudden temperature drops with snow-covered ground, birds will find it much harder to find food and shelter. 

They need water too - many garden birds suffer or die from dehydration without access to fresh unfrozen water.

Give the birds in your garden a boost this winter
Give the birds in your garden
a boost this winter
photo ©Birds & Bees

If you can help the wildlife and birds in your garden, please do.  Birds and Bees says that if the birds look "fluffed up" it's a sign they are feeling the cold - they are trying to trap air under their feathers to keep warm. 

 Some birds like a Ground Feeder Tray

So give your garden birds a boost this winter. 

Birds & Bees say that 8 seed and grain varieties can be found in their Winter Booster Seed Mix which are full of high energy oils and fats, so birds love them in the cold months.  As well as filling up feeders, don’t forget ground feeding birds such as robins, blackbirds, thrushes and wrens. 

For every new customer who joins them, Birds & Bees have committed to planting one square foot of wildlflower meadow.

This is a good time to make sure you’re giving our feathered friends and wildlife all the help we can this winter.  The RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch takes place on 24-25 January – please spare one hour and join in practically half a million people to count birds and submit your findings to the RSPB.  Registering is easy, and it’s free