For bird lovers & nature lovers




There's plenty of ways in which you can get active with birds from home.

Find out more about our feathered friends with these great sites.  Why not set yourself a challenge of identifying one new bird a week?  Listen, watch, look, observe, smell....bring your senses alive to nature - it can be a sweet, refreshing smell after sitting in your office for a week, whatever the time of year.   

Learn about Birds
Find out about garden birds with
the RSPB’s Bird Identifier.  And if you're new to bird feeding, Garden Bird has lots of tips & advice for feeding garden birds & caring for them.  

Try a birds of experience day

There are a number of days which will give you the chance to have closer look into the world of birds, such as an Owl experience or a Falconry Days. Many of these give you the opportunity to get up closer to birds such as owls, eagles, hawks & buzzards, and in many cases, you may be able to try to your hand at handling the birds yourself. 

Treat yourself, give a bird lover you know a special experience or ask for someone to treat you as a birthday or Christmas gift!  You can find out more about these Birds of Prey Experience Days through companies such as Buy a Gift, Red Letter DaysRed Letter Days & Activity Superstore.  Minimum age restrictions may well apply and you may also need to be fit, as these days may well involve a degree of walking - check first. 

Discover bird books & DVDS
If you're looking for a gift, there are a huge number of bird books & DVDs available.  The RSPB  has a wonderful range of books, including many to introduce children to nature and help children learn about wildlife and the natural world around them - they are its guardians of the future. 

Make your garden wildlife friendly
You can also get info on making your garden wildlife and bird friendly. Don’t forget that as well as birds, lots of animals may visit your garden:  badgers, rabbits, butterflies, toads and frogs, earthworms, snails, mice, hedgehogs – it’s a real underworld out there!  You can have the most magical evening watching your own safari at home in the garden, on your balcony, from your window or in sitting quietly in a country lane.   

The RSPB has an excellent on-line shop in which you can get many wildlife accessories from hedgehog houses to house martin nests, and also treat someone special to a gift that will help with conservation efforts such as creating meadows, planting hedgerows, preserving rainforest & planting trees - all essential to the wellbeing of animals & people - just check out their Pressies to Protect section.  It means you can not only help plant native trees but also help with rainforest conservation abroad. Click here to go to RSPB shop

Go for nature walks
Away from home, a great way to de-stress and relax is to enjoy a stroll around your nearest RSPB reserve (and it's the perfect antidote to a stressful week at work) - let nature work her magic and soothe your stresses away!  You could join the RSPB - they do a lot of conservation work, not just in the UK but around the world, and your membership will help to support this work.  For you, it will give you access to around 100 nature reserves - so it's got to be better value than the gym membership or more fun than trudging up and down a swimming pool.  They offer a range of family memberships, including individual adult, family & couple, and the memberships often come with a free gift.  Buy one as a gift for a nature lover or bird lover.  

The RSPB has a wide range of things you can do as a family or an individual, including days out, courses to attend, volunteering in conservation areas, so make the most of this half term break and the weekends coming into the winter