Five Tips for photographing the birds in your garden from Birds and Bees


If you enjoy taking photos of your garden birds, or would like to give it a go, Birds & Bees have 5 tips for you.  Here they are:

  1. An expensive, high-tech camera isn't necessary to take good photos of birds.  Sometimes the best photo opportunities are spontaenous, caught in the moment, when you don't even have your camera with you!  Mobile phont cameras are great - most of us have them with us most of the time and these days they can capture amazing detail.   

  2. For the sit down photo shoots, Birds & Bees say it is advisable to use a proper camera that has a few functional settings. The best shots are achieved with a good zoom.  This enables you to retain good detail.  It also means you can capture the birds at distance without scaring or distracting them.

  3. If you’re using zoom, if you can put the camera on a solid surface it will alleviate any blurring which may occur because of shaky hands.  A tripod can help you achieve a much wider scope of angles and heights, but it isn't an essential.

  4. A good time to take photographs is during the morning or evening when the light is at its best. The soft light during these hours help avoid harsh shadows across your image and creates a much more atmospheric arrangement.

  5. Think about how you arrange your photo.  Place the bird (the main subject) slightly off centre to give the photo a more naturalistic feel.  Consider your background colours as well and how they complement your subject.  Contrasting colours will produce a much more engaging photograph

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