Bear Encounter


Meet Hayley:

This is the very beautiful Hayley who lives in Devon

Get closer than ever before to one of the world’s most majestic animals, with this Bear Encounter for Two at Dartmoor Zoo.  You'll get close to Hayley, pictured above, as  you go behind the scenes with the keepers.  Find out about her time at the zoo and discover more about her personality before watching a training session!

You'll also provide food and enrichment for Hayley in her enclosure and watch her enjoy the fruits of your efforts!

Come and meet Hayley with this Bear Encounter for Two at Dartmoor Zoo

Needless to say, this is a great chance to discover lots about her and to take photos.                 

Dartmoor Zoo is in the beautiful county of Devon (where you'll also find the Donkey Sanctuary near Sidmouth, and the Sanctuary is well worth a visit.  I fell massively in love with Apollo who was very handsome).  

I've had the joy of having a Bear Encounter in Jersey at the wildlife park there in the days before the current Andean bears were there, and it was the most amazing thing.  It was a present for a big birthday, and I'll never forget the warmth of the breath of Wolfgang or his gentleness.  Sadly Wolfgang and Barbara died of old age but there are new Andean bears there at the zoo so you can buy an experience to se them there.  I would mention that when I did my bear encounter, there were good strong bars between the keeper and I, and Wolfgang.   For all his gentleness, Wolfgang was enormous, so I was very glad for that! 

With the Bear Encounter at Dartmoor Zoo, there are participant guidelines from Virgin Experience Days - you must be 18, for instance.  The experience is available seven days a week April to September and starts at 3 o'clock, lasting for 30 minutes.  Please read the Additional Details before you buy this experience - it isn't recommended for anyone who is pregnant, has high blood pressure or is of a nervous disposition.  It is recommended that you book at least 3 months in advance. 

You can also buy this experience directly from Dartmoor Zoo.  The advantage of buying through Virgin Experience Days is that it is possible to exchange your voucher for something else if for instance you don't live in Devon and it ends up that you can't get there.