Get Active at Home


Get Active with Animals at Home

Train your cat
- are you training him...or is he training you?
Dog Walking
- there are charities & elderly folk who need you
Foster pets
 - long or short term
Keeping Sheep
- could you be a small holder?
- honey from the hive, or a buzz in the garden
Keeping Chickens
- eggs naturally from free ranging hens. Yours.
Save stamps for animal charities
- get those fingers active! 
  Country Rambles
Frog or snake surveys
- wriggle your way to help toad patrols
Grooming your pet  
Nature reserves
- walking, rambling & ambling
Plants and Nature  

Get active & volunteer online or in your home area for other animals by volunteering... 

Badgers, Bats, Birds, Butterflies, Cats, Dogs, Dolphins, Donkeys, Dragonflies, FerretsFlamingoes, Foxes,Frogs, toads,  GoatsHares, Hedgehogs, Help horses, Otters, Owls,  Parrots,  RabbitsSealsShark egg hunts SnakesSquirrels, Swans, TortoiseTurtles and Whales  

Don't forget - check with your doctor before starting any new exercise regime.

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