Animal Programmes on TV


Which animal programmes are TV?

This is by no means an extensive list, but here are a range of animal programmes on TV this week to get stuck into.  Where the programme is on every night, I've put that, because otherwise the list would go on and on and on...!  Please note that programmes are subject to change and the list tends to start from Sunday lunch time.   

Keep well and keep safe!  

Sunday 9 May 2021   
4:30 BBC1 Dynasties
Sir David Attenborough looks at five endangered species, and today he looks at penguins.
6:00 BBC1

Tonight the programme is at Cranborne Chase.  Ellie joins a ‘supercluster’ of farmers working together to encourage wildlife and she goes to the River Ebble to find out how it is giving rural teenagers a sense of purpose.  Adam Henson has an anxious wait as his beautiful Suffolk Punch goes off to the maternity unit.  

7:00 BBC2 This Farming Life
Animals arrive at the croft and there's a calving boon.  
8:00 BBC2 Our Wild Adventures
This is a new series in which a number of BBC wildlife presenters and crews recall memorable encounters in Africa.  Tonight, Gordon Buchanan, Sue Gibson, Liz Bonnin, Steve Backshall, Chris Packham and Vianet Djenguet  all look back. 
Monday 10 May2021   
08:00 BBC2 Inside the Zoo
Behind the scenes at Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park, both part of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.  Find out more about the work they do for conservation here.
4:15 BBC2 Nature's Microworlds
The programme today is in Australia's Outback. Also on Tuesday
5:55 More4 The Secret Life of the Zoo
This wonderful programme features life for the animals and keepers at Chester Zoo.  The keepers are just incredible with their dedication.  You must book in advance to visit.  Visit Chester Zoo's website here.  The programme is also on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, all at 5:55.  
7:00 BBC4 The Penine Way
Paul Rose explores the beautiful Penine Way.  Also on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Thursday (which is is at 7:10pm)
8:00 BBC2

The Great Northern Garden Build
The programme is a documentary about the creation of the fifth and newest RHS garden in Salford - RHS Bridgewater.   It's one of the most challenging garden projects ever to be undertaken in the UK.   You need to book in advance of going.  Why not become a member of the RHS

Tuesday, 11 May 2021
8:00 Channel 5

The Yorkshire Vet
Tonight, a new mum and expectant ewe need help. 

9:00 Channel 5 Our Yorkshire Farm
Sidney is training his sheepdog, whilst Violet looks after a nine month old calf.  Also on Saturday at 7pm
Wednesday 12 May 2021 
4:15 BBC2 The Wonder of Animals
Today the programme looks at the communication skills that dolphins have.  
Thursday 13 May 2021 
8:00 BBC2 Attenborough's Life in Colour
The programme looks at the ways in which animals use colour.
8:00 Channel 4 The Dog House
This is a new series.   Dogs meet prospective new owners.  How will things go?  Woof, woof!  The programme is from Wood Green Animal Shelter
8:00 Channel 5 Kew Gardens -  A Year in Bloom
This is a new series following a year in the lives of the staff at Kew Gardens and we kick off with winter.   
9:00 Channel 5

Escape to the Farm
Kate Humble's series is back from her Monmouthshire farm.  

Friday 14 May 2021
4:05 BBC2

Return of the Giant Killers - Africa's Lion  Kings
Believe it or not, a pride of lions have learnt how to take down an elephant.  

Saturday 15 May 2021
8:30 BBC2

Deadly on a Mission - Pole to Pole
Steve Backshall and the crew island hop across the Southern Ocean.