Snow Leopards - help with snow leopard conservation

Snow leopards are fantastic athletes: they can leap as far as 15 metres and can travel up to 40km in a single night. They prefer steep terrain, broken by cliffs, rocky outcrops and ravines. And they live at high altitude, generally between 3,000 and 4,500, sometimes even going above 5,500 in the Himalayas

For all his power, the snow leopard is vulnerable to threats such as poaching, the loss of prey and conflict with people.  But the good news is that there are some amazing snow leopard conservation projects being undertaken, such as the one featured by WWF Napal.  

A video from WWF Nepal shows very well how a small group of people came together to identify and solve a problem - that of the conflict between people and the snow leopards.

Locals resented the snow leopard killing their livestock. Thanks to help from abroad, and in particular a donor, locals whose livestock are killed by snow leopards are now compensated for their loss

Snow leopard holidays
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Give the snow leopard your support - adopt a snow leopard

You can adopt a snow leopard from the WWF to help support the conservation of this stunning animal. 

Your adoption will mean that you are helping to train & equip anti-poaching patrols and working with local communities to monitor snow leopard movement.  It will also help with efforts to reduce the conflict between people and snow-leopards, establish programmes to increase wild prey numbers and it will support compension schemes for local farmers who have lost livestock to snow leopards. 

For a minimum of £3 a month, you can give these wonderful snow leopards your support and help with conservation efforts and also help with other conservation projects around the world.