Short UK conservation break


Get active and help conserve that vital habitat wildlife need.  Protecting animal habitat is vital if we are to protect the animals - without it, they cannot thrive.  A key reason why so many species are under threat is because their habtiat is vanishing so we need to conserve and protect what they have. 
Conservation volunteering in Scotland

Conservation volunteering in Scotland

The Caledonian Forest once covered much of the Highlands.  It was home to many endangered species. Urgent action is now needed, as only a fraction of this original survives so it is necessary to conserve the forest for the future. You can help on this volunteer holiday by volunteering to do work which will help such as tree planting, seed collecting, removing non native plants, removing old fences and tree nursery work  From £81.00.  Click here for further info from Responsible Travel.  

The National Trust also has a number of working holidays to help keep Britain beautiful and to help many animal species and plants.  You can help conserve Britain's wildlife and heritage.  You could also become a Working Holiday Leader.  There are different types of National Trust holidays from Youth Discovery to Family, and from Independent to Short Break, so there's something for everyone.  Click here to find a working holiday with the National Trust and here to download their brochure.


If you really want to get away for a couple of days and do something different, short breaks may be just the thing. 

Animals are dependent on wetlands & woodland, hedges and trees for places to rest & nest, shelter and feed, so the conservation of these places makes a difference.  They will get you away to beautiful surroundings, give you exercise, fresh air, a chance to make new friends and that feel good factor that comes with volunteering and making a difference. 

You do need to be physically fit & willing to muck in and get stuck in in all aspects of these breaks.  

The RSPB has some residential volunteering holidays in the UK
Picture ©RSPB

The RSPB is the largest nature conservation charity in the UK. It works to protect birds and wildlife in the UK and overseas.

The charity has residential volunteer opportunities around the UK, with over 40 different places and lots of things to do.   Spend a week or more on a reserve!  Click here to find all the different opportunities in the UK.

And if you can't fit a holiday in, they also have ways to help birds and wildlife in under 15 minutesYou could also take a look at the RSPB's "I'm game for anything" section to help wildlife

 Volunteer to restore Britain's canals

Volunteer to restore Britain's canals

Canals are an important wildlife sanctuary so it is important to restore and maintain them.   The Waterway Recovery Group runs working holidays called Canal Camps - just the thing for anyone who loves being outdoors and making a difference.  Meet new people, bring derelict canals back to life, acquire new skills and do something really meaningful on a short break.  Click here for more information.

Volunteer for dolphins and whales

Volunteer for dolphins and whales

Be a residential volunteer at the Scottish Dolphin Centre between February and October. Find out more