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In January, the Aviemore Sled Dog Rally takes place.  Dogs race in teams of two to eight over a forest course.  First held back in the mid 1980s, today the event in Aviemore is the largest husky race in the UK, with a barking 1,000 dogs and 200 teams - that's an awful lot of woof power.  Alaskan malamutes, samoyeds, Greenland dog and Canadian Eskimo dogs usually take part in the event and could reach up to speeds of 20 mph. 
The Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain organises the race, which is a growing sport in the UK. If you want to give it a go yourself, the good news is that there's an opportunity to try husky rides in Gloucestershire & in Aviemore itself.

Here are some husky experiences in the UK - plus some husky dog-sledding holidays, if you'd like to go further afield!  IntotheBlue list a couple of husky gift experiences for the husky lover in your life, in Sussex (near Horsham) and in Gloucestershire. 
Husky and Sled Experience in Gloucestershire

Husky and Sled Experience
A Husky Sledding Experience for Two for £170
Available from Into the Blue
This is all about dog power - Siberian Husky dog power, as you go husky sledding around these fields in Gloucestershire!  No snow is needed - the carts & scooters used are adapted for fields.  The Siberian Huskies love to pull sleds and to run - as you'll find out from their yelps and howls as they are prepared for you.  Then it's time to go through the fields;  you'll steer (or mush) your dogs and expert snowsport tutors will teach you the commands you need to control & guide your team!  Finish by doing a timed lap circuit against your partner around a race circuit, before enjoying a musers meal around a campfire.  The dogs will be taking it easy at your feet - they love cuddles!

Go to Into the Blue's website for more info
 Husky Rides, Sussex

Husky Rides, Sussex
Available from Into the Blue
Enjoy the thrill of having a pack of fun-loving huskies pulling you along on a sledge through the nature trail at this farm centre near Horsham in West Sussex.  The huskies here adore running together, so they often howl with delight as they know they are about to go a run.  Your'll pass other farm residents on your way - llamas, cows, sheep, even Kasper the donkey!  Your hosts Rob and Christine are both dedicated and experienced Siberian husky mushers and handlers. You will be introduced to the dogs, shown how the sledge works and then taken off for a 25 minute husky ride taking in the Sussex countryside as you go. After your ride you'll be invited to watch a fascinating short film on husky racing, where the dogs are at their competitive best!

Go to Into the Blue's website for more info

Sleddog Experience

Sleddog experience in Aviemore, Scotland

This would make a great winter activity (it runs from November to March) for a couple who love to try something different.  This two to three hour experience takes place in the area of Aviemore in Scotland.  Start off with a video & talk in a traditional grass roofed cabin, before you enjoy hands-on time with the sleddogs.  Indulge in a  nip of whisky or a hot drink before you have a remote forest trip with 12 sleddogs lasting about an hour.  Click here for more info from Activity Superstore. Please note the medical notes Activity Superstore provide before you buy this experience

Go to Into the Blue's website for more info

 Learn how to mush huskies in Lapland

Learn how to mush huskies in Lapland
£1,125, 7 days

This husky holiday listed with Responsible Travel offers you the chance to see the behind the scenes action of a working Husky Farm.  Work with the huskies, feed them and take care of them.  The holiday includes an overnight husky safari, and training runs with the different husky teams.  Glide over frozen lakes & through snow-covered forests and enjoy the scenary as your team of dogs do what they love. Click here for more info on this husky holiday

Responsible Travel lists around 3,500 holidays for the ethically minded traveller.  Among them are a number of dog-sledding holidays in Norway, Finland, Canada, Northern Sweden, Slovakia and Greenland. Click here to see their range of dog-sledding holidays!

Dog Sled for Two across Lake Baikal in Russia - a very special gift & experience to give a loved one

Dog Sled for Two across Lake Baikal in Russia

This is surely a very special gift & experience to give a loved one.  Activity Gifts list this six day dog sled experience for two people. Travel 200 km across Lake Baikal, which is the deepest frozen lake in the world, and stop by the iconic Circum-Baikal railway.  The cold isolated SIberian landscape is stunning.  All the participants take an active role, setting the dog-sled, camping, feeding the dogs and watching over the sled while travelling.There's an English speaking guide with you.  

Please note the note which says you must talk to your doctor before booking this experience and it would be worth talking to Activity Gifts as well in the first instance to find out more.  But wow, six days dog sledding across a frozen lake in Russia.... just think of it!

Go to Activity Gifts for more info - that's your first step on this journey.



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Animal Cups & Mugs

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