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Click here for information on this Bear Tracking holiday in Slovakia
There are about 1,000 bears in Finland, and there's a great holiday listed in ethical travel directory Responsible Travel  which gives you a fantastic opportunity to do some brown bear watching in stunning natural beautiful surroundings.  And you don't need a lot of holiday leave to see these bears either, as this holiday is over a weekend. A really refreshing change & insight into one of Finland's brown bears.
Travel east to the Russian border, you'll find yourself in the land that's home to brown bears.  This area is close-ish ot the Arctic Circle, so there are longer day light hours - which gives you more chance to spot these amazing creatures. This holiday will take you keep into the forest to specially prepared observation hides in small open wetland areas, adapting to increase the chances of spotting bears in their natural habitat.   You may also spot elk, fox and wolverines.  
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Track giant pandas in China (no guarantee you'll see any, mind you!)
Find out more about Project Bear which is putting GPS collars onto bears in Slovakia in order to find out more about their behaviour & movements. They also have Bear weekends & trips - find out more here

Or, how about a holiday where you're volunteering for bears instead?
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