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Mammals on Roads Survey - take part and do your bit for mammals

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Come on!  Do your bit and see what you can spot on the roads

It's time for the Mammals on Roads Survey for the People's Trust for Endangered Species.   Dig here for more info

This is an amazing photo (©Ben Andrews, PTES).   Just look at those eyes and that beautiful face!

The People's Trust for Endangered Species are just about to kick off their annual Mammals on Roads Survey.

This a great chance to do your bit for Britain's wildlife and let PTES know what you've spotted.  

It may not be quite the activity you should be doing when driving - but if you're a passenger in a car, this would be a great way to help wildlife by monitoring mammals on the road this July, August or September.  

So far, over 500,000 kilometres of road have been surveyed through Mammals on Roads.

And the public's findings from these annual sightings of wildlife have alerted PTES to problems such as the dramatic decline in hedgehogs - they were the impetus for the charity's hedgehog projects and surveys.  

So the survey needs to know what you see - whether the mammals be dead or alive - on a dedicated car journey of more than 20 miles.  

This could be a great activity to do with the kids in the car en route to your summer holiday destination.  See who can spot the most! 

Click here for more information from the PTES

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