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Robins are the UK's favourite bird - here's a lovely poem about robins and how you can encourage them to your garden. More Info

Animal pictures

Everyone has a different way of connecting with the animal kingdom. Some people feel no connection at all; others feel a strong connection, perhaps with one animal or a species, the animal species which really hits the spot, has a powerful impact on us, goes straight through to the core of our being, which moves us, gives us a good feeling in our heart, animals which touch us.

This could be one reason why animal pictures, posters & prints make great gifts for animal lovers. Animals are a reminder, they help us feel a connection with earth, & give us a sense of belonging. We may feel that connection every time we see a picture of our favourite animal, or feel a renewed determination to help them, to learn more about them, to see them in their natural habitat.

An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.

Martin Buber

So animal pictures can be a great way for animal lovers to brighten up a wall, in a frame on a desk or table, or to put a selection up in a display.
Allposters have a wonderful range of animal picture. From domestic animals  (cats, dogs, horses etc) to wild ones (elephants, tigers, wolves etc), from sea creatures to pet signs (e.g. Keep calm & walk the dog, Two spoiled cats live here etc), they have it all, with a considerable choice & a wide range of prices. There's  There are also over 90 items of animal charts e.g. sharks, penguin charts, dinosaurs by species and so forth), delightful baby animals, and animal panoramic pictures
King & McGaw have another impressive range of animal prints & posters with everything from birds to frogs & amphibeans, insects, butterflies, over 4,000 land animals, fabulous reptiles and sea creatures. They also have lovely animal canvas prints
Kittens in a Hammock
Kittens in a Hammock
by Keith Kimberlin from King & McGaw