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before you're 11 and 3/4.... The National Trust is full of ideas, click here to see some of them

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Robins are the UK's favourite bird - here's a lovely poem about robins and how you can encourage them to your garden. More Info

Animal Magazines

Here are some terrific magazine subscriptions for animal lovers - or why not treat yourself? It's a great way to discover more about an interest, and to indulge yourself in something you care about, and these magazines make a great change from receiving bills, whether they come by snail mail or online.

Magazine subscriptions cover a range of unique and specialist subjects, but you can make life easier for yourself - get your magazine subscription online!  And they make great gifts.  
Here are some magazine subscriptions to choose from which are available from Magazine Subscriptions  
Click here to see animal magazines for pet lovers 
Magazine Subscriptions have a range of magazines for pet lovers of all sorts of animals, from the small furries to fish.  As well as magazines for horse lovers, they also have a number for anyone who wants to keep animals such as chickens, pigs, alpacas and sheep or have a small holding.   Click here to see their magazines.

 Magazines for anyone who loves the countryside


There are also a range of magazines for anyone who loves the countryside, including The Countryman, Country Living, BBC Countryfile, BBC Wildlife, Birdwatching and the World of Animals.  These can be found in their Science and Nature section

 There's choice for the horse lover, as well  

Horse and pony lovers will find famous titles such as Horse and Hound, Your Horse, Horse Magazine, Western Horseman, Eventing and Young Rider - canter over to see prices etc here